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Out Now on the eastern front

Garhelenth album

The Eastern Front is glad to announce a release of a new album “Farewell”. The album was composed, written and arranged by brilliant collective from Russia—Sunset Wings especially for The Eastern Front label. “Farewell” is solely for those who love beautiful music and beautiful lyrics. Leitmotif of the “Farewell” is famous “Farewell To The Fatherland” by Polish composer, diplomat and politician Michał Kleofas Ogiński.

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Professional press-kit for musicians

presskit, cv, resume for musicians

We have professional press-kit at musicians’ disposal. If musicians are willing to apply professionally looking CV (Press-kit) along with submission of demo-album for publishing and to present themselves to record label or gig organisation managers in the best way they can obtain HTML template of online press-kit, fill it in with actual information, upload to their server and send its URL to record label/venue/event organisation.

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