Le divin cagliostro

Debut album of Israeli dark ambient project Silence & Strength. A Tribute To Grand Copht, the creator of the Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry, the most colorful magical adept and one of the previous incarnations of Master Therion. A full-length album by Silence & Strength, which was created as an early attempt to combine various musical experiments and personal occult research. The album features extracts and sound samples from a popular Russian movie «The Formula of Love», which tells the story of Cagliostro’s offbeat visit to Russia. Just as the movie, the album ranges from deeply mystical themes to bouts of irony and farce. The album is largely filled with ambient scores with a couple of song pieces mixed in between. The song content of the album, although received widely as neofolk, originally had no intention to be «neofolkish». It was written long before any personal acquaintance with neofolk, as a guitar-driven poem, which was called «The Alchemist» and seemed very appropriate for this album. The album inlay features an essay on Cagliostro by a prominent occult writer Allen Greenfield.

Artwork designed by Phil Blau.
All music by Stephan Friedman.

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