Psyche noMine

Bisclaveret, Polish dark ambient/dark wave duo presents its new album «Psyche noMine».

It took two years to conceive, resulting in 6 songs (clocking at around 53 minutes). Musically, it’s a piece for those interested in moving, yet extraordinary art. Lush strings, industrial rhythms and even noise tones at times summarize the background for Dragos’s voice coming from the other, subconscious side of his mind. Lyrically, it’s a concept-album of sorts. All the lyrics deal with human sub consciousness. The words on «Psyche noMine» show a man entangled in the arcane of the world, somebody who does not notice phenomena around him. The man whose recklessness or even arrogance so natural for him is the cause for him being lost in the surrounding reality. The album’s ambiguous title suggests what receivers will deal with when listening to new Bisclaveret album.

A must-have album for fans of Nordvargr, Dead Man’s Hill and Cold Meat Industry acts, such as In Slaughter Natives & Sanctum.

Gothtronic review

Bisclavaret is a project which revolves about two individuals namely Thorn, who’s responsible of the music and production and his counterpart Dragos (words and vocals). They have spawned quite a few albums and had various appearances on samplers such as Where are you Europe ? and The sound of Nothingness. This act is often compared with In Slaughter Natives, Sanctum and other ambient and dark industrial acts although I think they have an own sound which has taken some elements of the above mentioned acts. Personally, it reminds me a lot of acts like Profance Grace, Coph Nia, and (old) Runes Order. With Psyche Nomine they present their new album. And a splendid album it is! Psyche Nomine manages to present a collection of dark ambient landscapes combined with atmospheric vocals and melodic synthesizers/piano. The music combined with the echoing vocals of Thorn works splendidly. It is as if you are watching a slow motion psychological horror movie. Sounds (and images) keep on creeping in and out your system and just won’t let go until this dark trip is over. Although this is a pretty dark album there’s a sense of sereneness in it which I can not describe…for that you’ll have to listen the album yourself. On this album you will be treated upon six tracks with a total duration of over fifty minutes. Ok, I must admit it isn’t very original. But who cares? I certainly don’t, especially when it has such a suiting atmosphere. And for me; I’m going to wait until dusk, get me a good glass of wine, put some candles on and thoroughly enjoy this album.

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