Gwad Roueel

Dervenn in Breton means «oak», the sacred tree of the ancient Celts. Wood is the matter of our instruments and our breath is the «wind that shakes the Barley»… even if we are living in the era of digital and numeric realities. The soul is […]

Way of crosses

Front Front 009
May, 2007

14 outstanding compositions of one of most enigmatic artists of German neo-folk/industrial scene. The songs presented on this album were recorded in various years, composed in various styles and sung in various languages. «…The concepts of all the releases have a basic principle: history. It […]

Opus paracelsum

Front Front 006
September, 2006

This is the second full-length album composed by Silence & Strength. This esoteric, dark ambient, alchemical, experimental opus is inspired by Paracelsus, medieval Swiss physician, chemist, alchemist, one of the fathers of modern medicine, a rebellious thinker, who developed his own system of medicine and […]

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